Spending lots and lots of money on skincare every month, and still facing weekly breakouts? Unfortunately beautiful, your brushes/sponges may be the issue. Do you put the same effort into washing your brushes as you do your face? Most likely not. Be warned, it's not just spots you can get from dirty, unloved makeup brushes shoved in the bottom of your bacteria infested makeup bags...things could get a LOT worse. 

1. You are literally abusing your skin when you use unwashed brushes...SERIOUSLY. 

From skin irritation to clogged pores, bacteria begins to build in the bristles of the brush, or on the surface of your sponge. When then used to apply cosmetics onto the face, it can massively damage your skin. As the brush begins to hold more unused product, the bristles will become harsher against the skin hence causing irritation. Washing your brushes regularly allows the bristles to remain as soft as possible. So is the fact that it will also completely clog your pores a shock? Again, similar to skin irritation, this will lead you down the path to breakout city. 

 2. If your not going to clean your brushes, you might want to start charging rent to the infestation that will be growing inside them... YEP. 

Unfortunately you did read that correctly. Breakouts will be the least of your worries when you release that your brushes & sponges could be housing a BUNCH of little bugs. 

3. Turn your back on your brushes, and they'll turn their back on you...Sorry but it's true. 

So you've invested in our brushes (GOOD CHOICE) but then 6 months later and you STILL haven't washed your brush, and have left it stashed in the bottom of your makeup bag with your broken foundation bottle and smashed powder. As much as we love you, your brushes no longer will. Makeup brushes need to be cared for, treat them well and they'll treat you better. Invest time after every other use, or at least once a week, to wash your makeup brushes and they'll stick with you for the long run. Our brushes will also arrive with a protective cover, AND a plastic seal, keep these when they arrive to ensure their protected when not in use.